Four Useful Git Aliases

As you may know, Git is not a single application, but rather a toolkit containing many small programs and scripts that can manipulate the repository. This makes it trivial to chain those components into more-powerful, custom commands which can be defined as git aliases.

Here are some of the more-useful aliases I use on a daily basis:


I recently upgraded my system from Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity to Ubuntu 17.10 with Gnome Shell 3. One of the "features" I found annoying was that my IDE PhpStorm was not popping to the front and receiving focus whenever breakpoints were hit. I eventually figured out a solution and wanted to document it in case others were also searching for a solution.

I first confirmed that "Focus application on breakpoint" was indeed enabled in my settings:


Creating manual backups of a website can be a time-consuming task. Using Linux, you can automate the entire download/transfer using the handy utility known as wget (Ubuntu users: install it with sudo apt-get install wget)

Here’s the command to use for downloading your backup:

wget -nv -r -N -l inf -nH --ftp-user='username' --ftp-password='password'