I accelerate business outcomes through custom software development and increasing software teams’ efficiency, effectiveness, and empowerment at SeatGeek. When I'm not solving interesting problems at work or via my open-source projects, you can find me speaking at conferences all around the world.  In my free time, I also like to play ice hockey, and tinker with Arduino and home automation.

I'm also a Certified Symfony Expert, a Magento Certified Developer, and a Zend Certified PHP Engineer.

Recent Activity

Like any good project, this one started with a problem: how do I let my wife know I'm in a meeting so she doesn't let the dog barge in? (I work remotely and my office is the only way to get to the backyard.)

The solution: build my own "On Air" light that turns on/off automatically when I'm in a meeting! Sure, there are commercially-available products that do exactly this, but where's the fun in buying something when I have the skills and equipment to build my own? Just how hard could it be? (famous last words)


PHP Town Hall

Here lies dynamic properties. They were good properties Brent.

Matt and Ben are joined by Colin O'Dell, staff engineer at Wayfair and supporter of the twitter dividing Dynamic Properties RFC to discuss what this RFC really means for PHP going forward and if its really a good idea.