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Demystifying Unicode

Longhorn PHP 2021

ASCII is so 1963. Nowadays, computers must support a broad range of different characters beyond the 128 we had in the early days of computing - not just accents and emojis but also completely different writing systems used around the globe. The Unicode standard packs a whopping 143,859 characters into an elegant system used by over 95% of the Internet, but PHP's string functions don't play nicely with Unicode by default, making it difficult for developers to properly handle such a wide array of possible user inputs.

Releasing High-Quality PHP Packages

Longhorn PHP 2021

Releasing open-source libraries is more than sharing your GitHub URL with the world. There are many considerations and steps involved especially for successful and long-lived projects.

In this talk, we’ll cover the principles behind creating, releasing, and maintaining high-quality libraries. Topics will include structuring the repository, implementing modern PHP standards, maintaining changelogs, using CI tests, releasing new versions, and more.

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If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen that I’ve recently joined Polywork - a new social network unlike any others.

Polywork has a unique concept - instead of focusing on just your personal or professional life, your profile focuses on highlighting you as a multi-faceted individual. There’s no commenting, no competing for likes, no recruiters, no politics - just you and your story: