Celebrating 10 Million Downloads of league/commonmark

10 Million Downloads of league/commonmark

After 2,086 days, 1,632 commits, and 75 releases I'm pleased to share that...

league/commonmark has been downloaded over 10 million times! 🎉🎉🎉

Not only that, but as of today league/commonmark is also the fastest-growing PHP Markdown parser based on monthly Packagist installs:

Packagist installs; last 30 days

We couldn't have hit these milestones without help from the community. A special thanks to:

  • The 61+ contributors who offered feedback, reported issues, and contributed other enhancements.
  • Projects like Laravel, Cachet, and others for integrating this library into their projects.
  • The PHP League for giving this project a home
  • The entire PHP community for sharing thoughts, knowledge, and code with others, as well as spreading the word about this package
  • My wife for putting up with the long hours I put into this project each week 😅

Future Roadmap

I'm also excited to share that we've set a roadmap for the new two releases:

Version 1.5

Development on the 1.5 branch is underway! This next minor release will be packed with new features, including:

  • Three new extensions in core!
  • The ability to place Table of Contents anywhere within the document
  • Additional customization options
  • As much forward-compatibility as we can squeeze in for 2.x!

Version 2.0

That's right, we're also working on a 2.0 release! The internal bits are getting a major overhaul to correct some deficiencies with our current architecture and pave the way for the next generation of custom extensions. Features and highlights will include:

  • Backward-compatibility with the most commonly used external-facing classes and methods
  • A 30-40% boost in performance
  • A YAML frontmatter extension (that even lets you set configuration options on-the-fly!)
  • Parsing that is fully decoupled from AST elements and which supports nested parsers
  • A significantly simplified rendering process
  • Better configuration support
  • Improvements to the AST and event implementations
  • Purity markers and types everywhere
  • And much more!

If you'd like to support the development of these next two releases, please consider becoming a sponsor:

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About Colin O'Dell

Colin O'Dell

Colin O'Dell is a Senior Software Engineer at SeatGeek. In addition to being an active member of the PHP League and maintainer of the league/commonmark project, Colin is also a PHP docs contributor, conference speaker, and author of the PHP 7 Migration Guide.