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Hacking Your Way To Better Security

php[tek] 2016

This talk educates developers on common security vulnerabilities, how they are exploited, and how to protect against them. We will explore several of the OWASP top 10 attack vectors, such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and session hijacking. Each topic will be approached from the perspective of an attacker to learn how these vulnerabilities are detected and exploited using several realistic examples. We will then apply this knowledge to learn how web applications can be secured against such vulnerabilities.

CommonMark: Mardown Done Right

php[tek] 2016

Markdown is one of the most popular markup languages on the Web. Unfortunately, with no standard specification, every implementation works differently, producing varying results across different platforms. The CommonMark specification fixes this by providing an unambiguous syntax specification and a comprehensive suite of tests. Attendees will learn about this standard and how to integrate the league/commonmark parser into their applications. We will also cover how to add new custom features.

league/commonmark Lightning Talk

Nomad PHP

league/commonmark is a well-written, super-configurable Markdown parser for PHP based on the CommonMark spec. In this lightning talk, we’ll introduce the CommonMark spec, discuss why it’s important, and demonstrate how the league/commonmark project can be used and extended for your own PHP projects.

Installing PHP 7.0.0

Installing PHP 7.0.0 is easier than ever.  Here are instructions for installing the latest version on different platforms:

PHP 5.x Conflicts

You may encounter conflicts if you already have PHP 5.x installed. If so, make sure to completely remove PHP 5.x from your system before installing 7.0.0. On Ubuntu, this is as simple as running: sudo apt-get purge php5-*.